How do I use the Virtual Event Management System to reserve a room?

The Virtual Event Management System (VEMS) allows you to instantly reserve learning spaces and conference rooms. You can access VEMS at

To view available spaces through VEMS, log in using your entire USC email address, and click “Browse for Space” under the “Browse” button. Then click the “Filter” button in the upper right hand corner to choose the date for when you would like to make a reservation. Under the “Facilities” drop-down list, choose which building from which you would like to select to view all the available rooms for the given day.

You can make an online reservation by clicking “Reservations” and selecting “Annenberg Room Reservation.” Then fill out the parameters with a red asterisk, as well the other non-required parameters which may help narrow down your search results. After you click “Find Space,” you may choose from your options by clicking the plus-sign button, adding the space to your Selected Locations. Once you have selected your room, hit “Continue” or the “Details” tab and fill out the required information. Finally, click “Submit” to complete the reservation process.

If you want to view a reservation, click on the “View My Requests” button in the upper right hand corner. You can edit your reservation by clicking “Edit Reservation.” If you find that you will not need your reservation, you can cancel your reservation by clicking the red “X” next to the name. As a courtesy to your fellow Annenberg community, please remember to cancel any unneeded reservations, as our campus’ room reservations are always in high demand.

VEMS allows you to reserve learning spaces through the current semester and conference rooms up to two years in advance. Please contact us directly if you need a service request in addition to room access, to gain your login credentials, and also if you need to make a same-day reservation. You can also view our scheduling guidelines.

For more information, or to place a request, call (213) 740-5297, or visit ANN L103 or ASC 124.