How do I reserve a room at Annenberg?

Annenberg’s facilities are available to all Annenberg faculty, staff, and students for curricular and administrative meetings and events. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate outside programming or meeting requests at this time. 

The Annenberg “2 Step” Space Reservation and Service Request Process

Annenberg learning and meeting spaces can be reserved via a “self-serve” reservation process that allows our faculty, staff and students to instantly reserve rooms (step 1). Reservations that require additional TechOps support, will require an additional service request (step 2).  

Learning spaces may be reserved throughout each semester, and conference rooms may be reserved up to one year in advance. Common areas and auditoria are not available for instant reservations. To request these spaces, you may place a request, call (213) 740-5297 or visit ANN L103 or ASC 124.

Step 1: Space Reservation

Access the school’s Virtual Event Management System, VEMS, through any web browser to reserve your space online. For further information on how to use VEMS, please read our VEMS Guide. Space reservations are instantly scheduled and reserved, no approval or waiting is required.

 If you need same-day reservation please contact us at (213) 740-5297 or visit one of the Technical Services and Operations offices in ANN L103 or ASC 124 so we can provide access to the room.

If you will be using the room “as-is” and do not need additional support from TechOps, you will not need to complete step 2.

Step 2: Service Request

Any support beyond providing access to the space and troubleshooting built-in facilities and technology infrastructure (during regular business hours) will require a scheduling service request. This includes rearranging or supplementing existing furniture, in-person technical support or training, special telecom or IT conferencing needs, other room modifications, event marketing communication and publication, additional trash collection and cleaning services, and food support. 

If you require such services, please reserve the space through VEMS (described above). Please submit your service request at least one week in advance so we can review, confirm and properly support your needs.


For more information place a request, call (213) 740-5297, or visit ANN L103 or ASC 124.