What do I do if I need help getting into a classroom or office?

All learning spaces and meeting rooms at Annenberg are accessed via USCard, and offices and suites are specifically keyed for their occupants. If you are having trouble getting into a room, please contact us at (213) 740-5297 or visit one of the Technical Services and Operations offices in ANN L103 or ASC 124.

If the room you are attempting to access is located within ANN, we can unlock the room for you remotely; if the room is located within ASC, we will send someone to physically unlock the room for you.

If your lock needs to be repaired or there is a technical issue with your ID, we will help provide immediate access or required security, and coordinate a long-term resolution.

If you would like to reserve a room, please visit VEMS.


For more information place a request, call (213) 740-5297, or visit ANN L103 or ASC 124.